Building Long Term Relationships

Care First Services works very closely with several external agencies, from local authorities, social workers through to specialist agencies, we have excellent working relationships with all these organisations and each has kindly commented on our excellent work and provided not only reassurance but a strong sense of validation for all our hard work and efforts with helping young people.

I wanted to feedback on how positive it is that you are such a present and active part of the meeting. You clearly know this young person very well and have been able to identify concerning behaviours and have really good communication with the allocated social worker.

I hope it is this joined up approach you are both taking that will support this young person in being safe and supported. I also really appreciated that you are looking at further targeted work for this young person to support their areas of need and found this very child-focused.

Independent Reviewing Officer Family Group Conference & Independent Reviewing Service, Warwickshire County Council

I am just emailing you regarding your staff member Rashid who I have known since last July. He is a fantastic worker who always goes the extra mile for his young people to support them.

Rashid definitely evidences commitment and loyalty to his job, as well as he is very supportive and always maintains his professionalism. He is truly someone who really need to be appreciated and I believe he is a tremendous asset to Carefirst.

Mohammed Nadir Ali, Senior Social Worker Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Childrens Team – UASC, Birmingham Children’s Trust

“I am a new personal advisor in Burton. As I am new in my role, it has been invaluable liaising with Care First Services support workers due to their expertise and knowledge.

I just wanted to say that you have made my job easier and it has been a great learning experience.”

Personal Advisor Burton

“I would like to thank you all for the work done with this young person, in particular the outstanding work undertaken by your support workers.

You have been a great support for myself and Staffordshire and made possible the good outcome currently being reached.“

DA. Central Through Care Team Team Staffordshire

“When I had made the referral for re MC to my placement team, I specifically asked for it to be sent to Care First Services as I had been very happy with the support provided by them in the Newark area.”

VM, Social Worker Nottinghamshire County Council

“I just wanted to email to let you know that I am impressed with all the hard work that J has put in my young my young lady GT. GT is a very complex child with many emotional needs.

J has worked very hard and very well to establish such a trusting relationship within a professional capacity.

Her hard work is appreciated by the department”

BD, Social Worker Derby City Council

“I just wanted to give some initial feedback regarding E.

I have been really impressed this week with the quality and speed of E’s work.  She is keeping me updated of all actions completed and has been engaging well with the young person”

Social Worker Stafford

"I thank everyone there that has supported me, I will miss you. I will come back to see you in years to come so that you can see that I have made it."

This is just one of the messages we have received from one of the many young people we have helped and continue to help daily. This heartfelt message touched us and reminded us that the work we do here is truly appreciated. Below we have included some messages from the young people we have helped along the way.

“On the first day I met my support worker Arthur, I felt welcome and supported and protected.

He has always been patient, very kind and helpful, despite the language barrier he has always made the effort to understand my needs and the needs of other UASC working with him.

He is a caring and considerate person.”

Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Child (UASC) Birmingham

“I was lucky to have been supported by my Care First Services Support Worker Donna.

When I left residential care. She was fantastic with me and has always helped me out. She was really fun and easy to get along with. She taught me how to budget and helped me with my self-confidence, things like speaking to people and asking questions. She has also helped me to secure a flat and supported with moving and feeling settled in my new home.

I have never had a bad day with my support worker, she was always a ‘Brilliant’ person to be around.”

Kieran D

“I am Alice one of many young people you have had the luxury of being supported by Care First Services Support Worker Donna.

I have moved from foster care to a semi-independent setting provided by Care First Services. From the first time I have met with my support worker she has always made me feel supported and at ease with moving into the next part of my life. She has helped me learn how to cook, iron my clothes (not to clean my fabric sofa with bleach), how to budget and help me learn about prioritising when living independently.

My support worker was always there even when she wasn’t needed. She is one of a kind.”

Alice D Staffordshire

Whatever the feedback we are always happy to hear from you, we are always looking to improve, if you feel you would like to comment, please get in touch.