Placement Categories

We provide a variety of supported accommodation services and outreach support service for all children aged 16-17 years old.

Our role is to provide each young person with the best possible environment to enable them to develop in the safe and reassuring ways, we ensure that all young people are safeguarded from harm, with their development, well-being and life chances promoted.

We achieve this by working openly with them, their families (where possible) and collaboratively with partners.

Category 1

We will provide each young person with a self-contained flat and a dedicated outreach worker working with the young person in the community,

Category 2

Each young person is provided with accommodation in a shared flat or house with a dedicated outreach support worker to help support them in the community.

Category 3

Outreach Support only.

Category 4

Shared house with an overnight onsite support worker and dedicated day time outreach support worker.

Category 5

We will provide a shared house with 24/7 onsite support.

If you do not feel any of the above options cater for your requirements, please contact us as we are available to discuss the housing and support needs in your local area.